Loafing on the Job

Looking for a holiday gift for that special someone (a.k.a. you)?

Back in 2020, with the pandemic in full swing, I created a satirical board game called Loafing on the Job.

A game for 2-5 players set in a corporate dystopia, it is the only game about being paid to poop.

Each player is a corporate drone navigating the office, completing a list of menial tasks: update your LinkedIn, spike your coffee, console the intern, or give the client a kidney… but watch out! Once your stomach starts to rumble, you only have a few turns to find a toilet and relieve yourself.

Watch out for co-workers, who slow you down with small talk. Use farts to blast a path through them, but with every gamble comes consequences!

It’s a race against time to complete your tasks before someone poops their pants. Get additional points for demolishing toilets, and making your co-workers run gagging from the room!

Each game is guaranteed to delight — so long as your sense of humor is warped — and includes:

  • Deluxe quad-fold game board
  • 8 3D-printed toilets
  • Deck of poker-quality cards
  • Professionally printed box, rulebook, and tuckbox
  • Colorful wooden meeples, cubes, dice, and more
  • A pre-written apology for whoever sees it on your shelf!

Interested? Loafing on the Job costs $60 + shipping.

Send an email to michael.zemel@gmail.com to get a copy today!